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Theatre Productions


Member of National Youth Theatre of Great Britain


He continued for another three years running the Intermediate  Course devising a show at the end: Gina McKee and Lysette Anthony were former students.


He provided the following testimonial in 2010 for the

National Youth Theatre funding appeal:

"Michael Croft gave me a bursary in my final year at the NYT. Without the financial support I would not have realised the culmination of a unique life experience. It gave me a work ethic to strive for the best in myself, a desire to dare for dramatic excellence and a family of likeminded friends and adventurers. I spent four more years running courses and initiating others in the rare creative stockpot of a truly National Theatre of Youth."



Romeo & Juliet - Shaw Theatre - London


Combining the roles of Acting and assistant stage manager was unusual but a way of obtaining an Equity union card. Approved theatres and regional repertory theatres were able to offer only two a year. The closed shop was later abolished. Brian Stirner was injured in the sword fight with Tybalt. Christopher Neame, who had just recorded the part of Romeo for TV in 1976, took over the title role.


Jerry , The Seed, Birmingham Rep



Soldier , Mother Courage 

Birmingham Rep


Starred Peggy Mount who smoked a clay pipe and even pulled the wagon when the revolve failed, with a 'come on then!'


Tocko, The White Deer, Arts/ Unicorn Theatre London



Jesus, The End is Nigh, New End Theatre 


New End Theatre, Hampstead….with Jim Broadbent and Neil Cunningham.

 'The part of Jesus tonight will be played by Richard Hope as Dave Hill has found

a better job' (Ken Campbell over the theatre tannoy at 'beginners'...there was no rehearsal even though one was promised).

Heidi and Lucille joined the cast from Mike Hurst Theatre: They were two pigs…..Ken thought they’d make the show more 'entertaining'. Mike offered R a full time job as a clown in his circus after the show.


Dr Snarkle, Ed Gale, Paul Crawford, Monster Watcher etc, The Warp, ICA Theatre - London


This production was put on at the ICA in London by Ken Campbell's Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, in which Richard played a variety of characters.


Ford Prefect, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, ICA Theatre - London


The first production was put on at the ICA (Institute for Contemporary Arts) in London on the 1st-9th of May, 1979, by Ken Campbell's Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool.Richard played the role of Ford Prefect and I found the following review and history: Guide


Bertozzo, Accidental Death of an Anarchist,

UK Tour and Half Moon Theatre - London


Richard played Bertozzo in the Belt and Braces Tour at the Half Moon Theatre

in London directed by Gavin Richards.


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