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Harris Pascoe, Poldark, BBC(5 seasons)
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2015- 2019

Harris Pascoe, Poldark, BBC

Mammoth’s Managing Director, Damien Timmer, calls Poldark “a passion project for all of us”. Beginning in 1794, Poldark sees our hero traverse new family, new loves and new battles, as the French revolution casts a shadow over life in Cornwall. Debbie Horsfield has written every episode for 5 seasons and continues to serve as executive producer alongside Karen Thrussell and Timmer for Mammoth Screen.



The Village in the Woods, Brake3 Films

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Harris Pascoe (Richard Hope) secures Ross Poldark (Aiden Turner) the capital he needs to rebuild his business.

2019 The Village in the Woods, Brake3 Films

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Inspector Maine, And Then There Were None, BBC

A Period murder mystery based on Agatha Christie's novel. Ten strangers find themselves cut off from civilisation on an isolated rock off the Devon coast ...

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DCS Maine was not in the final edit as aired Dec 2015 as the whole police chase subplot was cut


Exam Board Official, The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies , ITV

"The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies, a sensitive portrayal of a media witch-hunt"
Filipa Jodelka, The Guardian, 5 December 2014

This drama tells the real-life story of retired schoolteacher Christopher Jefferies who was initially questioned by police as a suspect in the murder of Jo Yeates who rented a flat from him. He was vilified by the press, partly on account of his eccentric appearance and long flowing hair, even after he had been released on bail by the police.

Sir St John Pryde, Father Brown, BBC

Series inspired by the stories of GK Chesterton; a Catholic priest has a knack for solving mysteries in his English village.

Richard played Sir St John Pryde in the 3rd episod

SIR ST JOHN PRYDE (50) Hawk faced. 14th Baron Pryde. Latest in an illustrious lineage. Son of Sir Anthony Pryde (deceased) and Lavinia, Lady Pryde. (very much alive) St John inherited an estate crippled with estate tax and death duties. Weighed down with fear the family will fall under his watch. Bullied by his Mother. A widower with one daughter -Bunty. His wife died 14 years ago and he never remarried. A decent man albeit flawed with pride.


DCS Malcolm Fewtrell, The Great Train Robbery 'A Copper's Tale', BBC


“A Copper’s Tale” is a character driven period crime drama detailing one of the biggest investigations of the post-war period, conducted in the full glare of public and media scrutiny.

The Great Train Robbery received a BAFTA nomination in 2014

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Eric Springer, The Smoke, Sky 1


An adrenaline-fuelled firefighter drama from the makers of Spooks

Richard appeared as Eric Springer in 'Jamais KO', the first episode of this exciting new series

Details of the Sky 1 production can be found here

Father Matthew Sinclair, Holby City, BBC


Richard appeared in this ever popular drama series, in 'Journey's End', episode 24 in the 15th series of Holby City.

Sebastian Norris, Doctors, BBC


Widower Sebastian Norris (Richard Hope) sees Jimmi for the rash on his hands but he is clearly stressed out over another matter. Some years earlier he had been accused of abducting a teen aged girl and now another girl has gone missing. Jimmi decides to investigate but is surprised by what he finds ...


Bleytal, Dr Who, BBC


Richard returned to the ever popular Dr Who series to play Bleytal, the leader of the Silurian Ark. He had begun a voyage to Earth in order to repopulate it with his people and dinosaurs, but misjudged the time ...

Find out more about the Silurians here


Malohkeh, Dr Who, BBC


Richard reprises his role as the Silurian Malohkeh in 'The Wedding of River Song' the thirteenth and final episode of the sixth series of Dr Who

Make up

2011 American Philatelist, Mr Morgan's Last Love

He's a widower in Paris who speaks no French; she's a dance instructor less than half his age. Can they become a family, or will his estranged adult children halt the friendship?

Starring Michael Caine, Clémence Poésy, Michelle Goddet and Jane Alexander