Born 1953. A multi-talented actor, who has been a fixture on our television screens since the 1970s. He joined the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (1972-1976), and trained at Morley College under Ken Campbell, Richard Wilson, Jack Shepherd and Paul Thompson.  He directed  NYTGB improvised summer courses (1976-1979) and is a member of the National Youth Theatre Association.

Richard has performed with many theatre companies including The National Theatre, Complicite, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Shared Experience, Shakespeare's Globe, Ken Campbell's 'Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool', Jerome Savary's 'Le Grand Magic Circus' and Belt & Braces. He was Associate Director for Shared Experience on Anna Karenina for UK and World Tours. He is an Associate Member of Complicite.

Laurence Olivier gave Richard his first professional TV part in Saturday, Sunday, Monday which Olivier produced and starred in. They worked together again on Brideshead Revisited where he gave him some sound advice - 'Work with good people, you won't pick up bad habits'.
Richard played the lead in the BAFTA-nominated film short The Last Post.
The short film, See You at Wembley, Frankie Walsh, in which Richard again played the lead, won an Oscar for Best Film Short.



2018-2019 - Arthur Kipps, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, Fortune Theatre, Robin Herford

2015-2017 - Sidney Godolphin, QUEEN ANNE, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford & Haymarket - London, Natalie Abrahami
2015 - Hector, THE HISTORY BOYS, UK Tour, Kate Saxon
2014 - Queen Elizabeth 1, ORLANDO, Royal Exchange Manchester, Max Webster
2012 - Duke of Albany, KING LEAR, Almeida Theatre, Michael Attenborough
2012 - Horst Ehmke, DEMOCRACY, Sheffield's Crucible Theatre/Old Vic, Paul Miller
2011 - Russell, THE SWAN, National Theatre, Polly Findlay
2011 - Field Commander Goodman, THERE IS A WAR, National Theatre, Lyndsey Turner
2010-2011 - Max Kellerman, DIRTY DANCING, Playful Productions/ Aldwych Theatre, Eleanor Bergstein
2009 - Gabriel York, WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING, Almeida Theatre, Michael Attenborough
2008 - Frederick Fellowes, NOISES OFF, Ambassador Theatre Group, UK Tour, David Gilmore/Jeremy Sams
2008 - The Hiker, THE HOUR WE KNEW NOTHING OF EACH OTHER, National Theatre, James Macdonald
2007 - Norman Tate, DONKEYS' YEARS, Sonia Friedman Productions, UK Tour, Michael Simkins/Jeremy Sams
2002 - John Wheelwright, A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY, National Theatre, Mick Gordon
2002 - Duffy, LIFE AFTER GEORGE, Michael Codron, Michael Blakemore
2001 - Cymbeline, CYMBELINE, Shakespeare's Globe, Mike Alfreds
2000 - Sump, HARD FRUIT, Royal Court Theatre, James MacDonald
1998 - Levin (& Associate Director), ANNA KARENINA, Shared Experience, UK and World Tours, Nancy Meckler
1996 - Pierre, WAR AND PEACE, National Theatre/Shared Experience, Nancy Meckler/Polly Teale
1995 - Wolf, THE PARK, Royal Shakespeare Company, David Fielding
1994 - Jerry, BETRAYAL, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Matthew Warchus
1991 - Father, STREET OF CROCODILES, National Theatre Studio, Simon McBurney
1991 - Tello, THE GENTLEMAN FROM OLMEDO, The Gate, Laurence Boswell
1990 - Caramanchel, DON GIL OF THE GREEN BRITCHES, The Gate, Laurence Boswell
1988 & 1991 - The Mayor, THE VISIT, Almeida/National Theatre, Complicite, Simon McBurney / Annabel Arden
1986 - Horatio, HAMLET, National Theatre, Cicely Berry
1985 - Eaton Sylvester/Bill Smiley, PRAVDA, National Theatre, David Hare
1985 - The Postmaster, THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR, National Theatre, Richard Eyre
1982 - Lexy, CANDIDA, National Theatre/British Council Tour of India
1981 - Puff, SCHOOL FOR CLOWNS, Half Moon Theatre, Sylvester McCoy/ Ken Campbell
1981 - Peter, DON JUAN, National Theatre, Peter Gill
1981 - Second Watch, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - National Theatre, Peter Gill
1980 - Sultan, Emperor of the Desert, Baba Mustafa, 1001 NIGHTS, Le Grand Magic Circus - Shaftesbury Theatre, Jerome Savary
1980 - MacCruskeen, THE THIRD POLICEMAN, ICA/Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, Ken Campbell
1979 - Ford Prefect, THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, Ken Campbell
1979 - Bertozzo, ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST, Belt and Braces, UK Tour, Gavin Richards
1978 - Dr. Snarke/Ed Gale/Paul Crawford etc, THE WARP, Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, Ken Campbell.
1978 - Jesus, THE END IS NIGH, New End Theatre, Ken Campbell
1978 - Tocko, THE WHITE DEER, Unicorn Theatre, Ursula Jones
1977 - Jerry, THE SEED, Birmingham Rep, Bill Pride
1977 - Young Soldier and Young Peasant, MOTHER COURAGE, Birmingham Rep, Peter Farago
1976 - Peter (& acting ASM), ROMEO AND JULIET, Shaw Theatre, James Roose-Evans

2019 - Joe, CASUALTY, BBCOne, Jordan Hogg
2015-2019 - Harris Pascoe, POLDARK (5 series), Mammoth Screen
2017 - Arthur Tamworth, BROADCHURCH 3, Kudos Films
2016 - James Gregory, UNFORGOTTEN 2, Mainline Pictures
2015 - Inspector Maine, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, Mammoth Screen

2014 - Exam Board Official, THE LOST HONOUR OF CHRISTOPHER JEFFERIES, Roger Michell
2014 - Sir St. John Pryde, FATHER BROWN, "Pride of the Prydes"
2013 - DCS Malcolm Fretwell, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, "The Copper's Tale"
2013 - Eric Springer, SMOKE, "Jamais K.O."
2013 - Father Matthew Sinclair, HOLBY CITY, "Journey's End"
2013 - Sebastian Norris,DOCTORS, "House Arrest"
2010 - 2012 - Malohkeh/Bleytal, DR WHO, BBC, Ashley Way
2009 - Christopher Gamble, HOLBY CITY, BBC Television, Dominic Keavey
2008 - Ted Hubbard, EASTENDERS, BBC Television
2007 - Superintendent Spence, POIROT, ITV Productions, Ashley Pearce
2007 - Neville, MIDSOMER MURDERS, Bentley, Sarah Hellings
2006 - Rod Jessop (Semi Regular), THE BILL, TalkbackThames Television, Mike Cocker/Olivia Lichtenstein
2006 - Judge Spicer, WILD WEST 'OK CORRAL', BBC Television/Discovery, Dave Stewart
2006 - Andy Pert, THE THIEVING HEADMISTRESS, Firefly for BBC Television, Norman Hull
2005 - Colin Wheler, DOCTORS, BBC Television, Christopher Timothy
2005 - Superintendent Harold Spence, POIROT, ITV, Andy Wilson
2005 - George Chamberlain, THE SHELL SEEKERS, Gate Television Productions Ltd, Piers Haggard
2005 - Vincent, HEARTBEAT, Yorkshire Television, Judith Dine
2005 - Grigoriev, RIOT AT THE RITE, BBC Television, Andy Wilson
2005 - Dr. Morrie Sanders, SILENT WITNESS, BBC Television, Richard Signy
2004 - Richard Sambrook, THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR, Mentorn, Peter Kosminsky
2004 - Brownlow, NEW TRICKS, Wall to Wall, Jon East
2004 - John Bradshaw, THE TRIAL OF THE KING KILLERS, Mentorn, Tim Kirby
2003-2005 - D.S. Barry Purvis, M.I.T. - MURDER INVESTIGATION TEAM (2 series), Talkback Thames Television, Gary Love
2004 - Patrick, MURDER IN SUBURBIA, Granada Television, Douglas McKinnon
2003 - George Collins, MURDER CITY, Granada Television, Richard Spence
2003 - Arty's Dad, THE CANTERBURY TALES, BBC Television, Andy de Emmony
2003 - Frank Vaudrey, FOYLE'S WAR, Greenlit Productions, Jeremy Silberston
2002 - Gradman, FORSYTE SAGA, Granada Television, Andy Wilson
2002 - Roger Stapleton, HOLBY CITY, BBC Television, Richard Signy
2002 - Mr. Astley, TIPPING THE VELVET, BBC Television, Geoff Sax
2002 - Dr. Currie, WILLIAM AND MARY, Granada Television, Jean Stewart
2001 - Archie, A IS FOR ACID, Yorkshire Television, Harry Bradbeer
2001 - Peter Harrison, HIGH STAKES, Greenpoint, Dewi Humphreys
2001 - Peter Taylor, JUDGE JOHN DEED, BBC Television, Jane Powell
2001 - Tony Smith, MCCREADY & DAUGHTER, Ecosse Films, Piers Haggard
2000 - Prosecutor, BEEF ENCOUNTER, Channel 4 Television, Darrol Blake
2000 - Colin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAKESPEARE, BBC Television, Nick Hurran
2000 - Dr. Kingswood, IN DEEP, BBC Television, Paul Marcus
2000 - Professor Dexter, THE DEMON HEADMASTER, BBC Television, Roger Singleton-Turner
1999 - Colin, MIDSOMER MURDERS, Bentley Productions, Jeremy Silberston
1999 - Mr. Fenton, REACH FOR THE MOON, London Weekend Television, Joanna Hogg/RichardLaxton
1998 - Heatherstone, CHILDREN OF THE NEW FOREST, BBC Television, Andrew Morgan
1997 - Simon Watson, A PERFECT STATE, Cinema Verity, Dewi Humphreys
1995 - Richard, BAND OF GOLD, Granada Television, Charles Beeson
1993 - Mortimer Tundish, THE RIFF RAFF ELEMENT (2 series), BBC Television, Simon Cellan Jones/Richard Laxton
1981 - Hooper, BRIDESHEAD REVISITED, Granada Television, Charles Sturridge


2019 - Charles, THE VILLAGE IN THE WOODS, Brake3 Films, Raine McCormack
2012 - American philatelist, MR. MORGAN'S LAST LOVE, Sandra Nettelbeck
2004 - Simon Whitmore, CHROMOPHOBIA, Rotholz Pictures, Martha Fiennes
2003 - Herr Frohlich, SERGEANT PEPPER, Bavaria Film, Sandra Nettelbeck
2001 - Jessica's Dad, MY BROTHER TOM, My Brother Rob, Dom Rotheroe
2001 - Detective Fowler, THE HONEYTRAP, Honeytrap Productions , Michael Gunter
1998 - Justice Rodger Bell, MCLIBEL, Spanner Films, Ken Loach/Franny Armstrong
1987 - Salto, BELLMAN AND TRUE, Handmade Films, Richard Loncraine
1984 - Hubert, SINGLETON'S PLUCK/LAUGHTERHOUSE, Greenpoint Films, Richard Eyre
1984 - Young Detective, SCANDALOUS, Rob Cohen
1981 - 3rd Assistant, THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN, Karen Reisz
1980 - Audition Musician, BREAKING GLASS, Brian Gibson
1979 - Police 2, BLOODY KIDS, Stephen Frears


2020 - Wider(r) Man, WE ALL JUST WANT TO BE MAD

2010 - William Hogg, POSSESSION
2004 - Richard Neap (lead), BLOOM
1995 - Man (lead), THE LAST POST
1988 - Owen (lead), DOGPLANT
1987 - Malcolm (lead), SEE YOU AT WEMBLEY, FRANKIE WALSH